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Hana Security Services

Perfect is better than good.

It just takes one security breach to jeopardize public safety. That’s why “zero incidents” is our mantra. For over two decades, we have offered world-class security officers, security management, procurement, and training services to a range of federal agencies and private companies. We currently train and manage approximately 724 security professionals across the Country.

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Talent you can trust.

We identify, screen, and hire the best-qualified candidates. Period. That’s the only way we meet and exceed our contract standards. Our leaders and officers are experienced, positive, even-tempered, and committed to the kind of professionalism we’re known for.

Always on. Always ready.

With any security mission, you can expect the unexpected in the form of unforeseen requirements, changed requirements, and emergencies. To maintain your security mission, you need a strong bench. That’s why we develop and maintain a steady pipeline of officer candidates who can mobilize for duty and can seamlessly merge with your objectives.

Resolving issues before they spread.

The most effective and efficient security happens when all stakeholders work in close partnership. We maintain open and proactive communications at all costs. This deliberate approach forms the foundation of our management style. We train our leaders to proactively communicate issues before they explode into problems.

Safety always first.

Our most valuable assets are the men and women who make up our workforce. We are grateful for their contribution to our collective success. Because they are such an integral part of our ʻohana (family), we cannot condone anything less than a thoroughly safe work environment on the job and at home.

On-site Training Academy

With home offices in Alexandria, VA and Norfolk VA, our Training Academy is made up of experienced trainers who are certified by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and various State licensing agencies to provide basic security training, firearms training and qualification (handgun, shotgun, and long rifle), Baton, OC Spray, AED/CPR/First Aid, Active Shooter, Anti-Terrorism, and other security topics.


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Foot Patrol

Vehicle Patrol

Fixed Position

Gate/Building Access

Pass & ID Visitor Center

Control Center

Armed or Unarmed

Supervisor Training Program

The successful security programs invest in their leaders. One of more successful programs is our Supervisor Training Program. Once strong project leadership has been identified, training becomes key to quality services.

During the initial transition of a new project, all new supervisors go through a training conference during which our senior leadership trains them on key policies and procedures (e.g., disciplinary actions, hiring process, SCA and FLSA compliance, Union management), Title VII Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, our Code of Ethics, our QC Plan, and our Safety Plan. During the conference, HSS’ OSHA certified trainer will train and certify the project manager and all supervisors in OSHA 10.

Throughout their employment, our project managers and supervisors undergo continuous training and mentoring. For example, our President will mandate periodic training sessions with project leadership based on risks and performance trends in our operations. Additionally, each year, our President hosts an annual leadership conference which includes all project managers and select supervisors that have been identified as candidates for promotion. These conferences are 2-3 days long and cover current industry topics.


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President, Hana Security Services

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Director, Training Academy

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Regional Director, Special Projects

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